1. Teams participating in Max Sport Cup 2018 will be classified by age:

U8  (boys born 2010 and under)     1x25min   5+1   20x40   3x2m   99

U9  (boys born 2009 and under)     1x25min   6+1   30x50   5x2m   99

U10 (boys born 2008 and under)    1x25min   6+1   30x50   5x2m   99

U11 (boys born 2007 and under)    1x25min   6+1   35x55   5x2m   99

U12 (boys born 2006 and under)    2x15min   7+1   50x65   5x2m   99

U13 (boys born 2005 and under)    2x20min  10+1  standard size      7

U14 (boys born 2004 and under)    2x20min  10+1  standard size      7

- girls can be 2 years older
* match time, number of players, dimensions of field, dimensions of goals, number of substitutes

2.Teams may register an unlimited number of players. One team can not compete in more than one category. A club can participate with multiple teams in multiple categories.

3. The team leader is required to submit a list of players (name, date and place of birth, birth certificate, nationality) until 27 April 2018.

Identification of all players must be submitted to the delegate before the start of each match.. Identification can be passport, identity card, birth certificate.

If the coach does not want to show the document  ,the team  can play the game but the official result will be 3-0.

Team coaches sign a protocol before the game, which confirms the authenticity of documents and subsequent appeals will not be accepted. Coaches must register with the appropriate team of delegates scheduled to contest on the fields marked no later than 15 min before the game.

4.When registering, a team leader confirms by signing and paying the registration fee  that the team has health insurance (individual or group insurance) and that all children are physically ready for the competition. Organizer is not responsible for any accidents during club stay at the tournament as well as during the arrival and departure from the tournament.  Furthemore , the organizer is not responsible for injuries sustained during the event or for any damages resulting to the club members or their personal belongings.

5.All players need to have the numbers on the jersey and these numbers must match those on the list of players. The two players with the same number can not participate.

In the event that both teams have similar color shirt referee toss will determine which team will wear markers or will change jerseys.

Unlimited substitution shall be made in categories U8-U12 and they are performed without interruption ( flying substitute).

6. Generation -U13/U14 can made up to 7 changes during the match and replaced substitute player may again be back in the game. Any change will be taken into account and the players can only be replaced during the break with the permission of the referee.

7.All participants (players, coaches, parents) are obliged to respect the referee's decision. When signing the application for a tournament, the team agrees to act in the spirit of fair play, and needs to comply with all the rules, policies, referee decisions and the decision of the organizers. Teams are responsible for the behavior of fans and parents. In case of violation of the rules organizer has the right to remove the team from the competition without any compensation.

Schedule and time-table games in groups and during later competition is determined by organizer. The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule of group and time of the match, but is obliged to inform the team about all the potential changes . Any changes will be clearly posted on the bulletin board and team coaches are required to follow all the changes.

8.Offside rule will apply only to U13/U14. Passing to the goalkeeper ie return to the  hand of the goalkeeper shall be an offense only in the U13/U14 class. A ball out of play may be reintroduced only from the air by throwing the ball from hands.

9.Victory brings 3 points, draw 1 point and lost 0 points. If more teams have the same number of points after the first round-group competition the following criteria shall apply(mutual result, goal difference, more goals scored, tossing a coin)

10.After group competitionby two best teams continue competing in the so-called direct elimination. In case of a tie the penalties will be performed.

11. Intentionally hitting, kicking or intent to harm the competitors will result in immediate expulsion without possibility of change. Cards are not transferred.

12. Judges are members of the Football Association of Serbia Referee Organization of Serbia. In the categories of U8-U12 only one referee, U13/U14 - 3 judges.

13. Jury tournament consists of prominent sports officials and their decision is final.


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